Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We are slowly coming out of our hibernation... grrr!

The last few weeks have brought us a mix of warmer, spring-like weather, some new foliage popping out bringing some bright colors to a dull horizon of brown and gray. It has also brought this little family of bears, complete with growling and paw-grabbing, out of our winter hibernation. We have reacquainted ourselves with the fabulous play set in the backyard. And Grey is getting some more use out of it this year. I think the slide is his fav.

This is how we roll. No fear. Fear is for babies. Um, I mean, littler babies?

He couldn't wait to get back up the slide so as soon as he reached the ground he was throwing himself back up the slide. All the excitement also brought out the drool.
And the static.
Everything is so much better with Daddy.
And one of the best parts of warmer weather? It totally wears these little bears out at the end of the day!

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