Saturday, February 19, 2011

Just because...

One of my goals is to try to post once a week this year. I know that won't happen, but I'm going to try. I realized while looking back through last year's posts that I have a ton of good pictures that I never posted because they were "just because" pictures and didn't have a theme (i.e., birthday party, park, etc.) I also hardly ever post funny stories and cute Skylar sayings.

So, while these are the best pictures ever, they are recent and I thought I would post them!

Here is Toby, our precious, precocious, and slightly neurotic dog. Isn't he sooo cute!
Disclaimer: We have another dog named Sammy, but she is even more neurotic and not quite as cute.
Grey enjoyed the cars at the Children's Museum the other week.

And he was a crawling machine! He still has no interest in walking unless he is walking around the table or couch. He won't even walk holding onto our hands!
Skylar's favorite pastime remains the swing. And slide. But the swing is her "really favorite."
And yes, her eyes are still two different colors and will remain that way.

And, just so I don't forget, one of her cute sayings now is whenever she cries, she gets really upset because her face is wet and will start screaming, "Mommy, get these crying things off my face!" What can I say? She hates anything wet on her. And will strip in a heartbeat, public or no public.

Have I mentioned that she is neurotic too? Oh well, still love ya girl!

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