Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fun in the sun!

Hubby knows how to go straight for my heart. "Hey, you wanna go drag the kids around the neighborhood?" Short, sweet and to the point. :)

So we did. Literally. Well, I use the term, "we" relatively. Really, it was "him" doing all the dragging. But hey, I was working too! I was dragging our one good dog left on the leash. And carrying the ol' bag of poo. And kicking the soccer ball that we had to take with us. And picking up the stray toys that got thrown overboard (Grey's reacquainted with an old favorite game).

And really, really busy trying to take some pictures of this little cheeser. Hmm, evidently, "cheeser" is not a word. According to spell check, I could change it to, "cheeses" or "cheese r" and both of those would work just fine. Either way you get the idea.
Umm, Grey? I think you're supposed to look the other way? What? Oh, okay, I'll take one more of you. He's just too cute to resist. You should see him when he wants to nurse.

Don't worry, I wont be "that mom" who still nurses her babies when they are clearly not babies anymore.

Really. I will decide when it is time to stop and I will have the last say. Cuteness be darned! I have willpower!

Skylar? You are too young to try to hide from my camera. I will find you. I will be victorious! (See previous comment.)
Haha! oh, well okay... not really.
Did I say that I was the one picking up all the thrown toys? I must have been taking a picture when this one got thrown out. Or maybe picking up dog poo. Luckily, hubby has the eyes of a tiger and saw it on our way back... Thanks Grey, way to make me look bad. Sigh.
Woohoo! Here we go! Sort of...

Ya know, just because you close your eyes, doesn't mean that I'm not still victorious. I can still see you!
Ahh, I love this picture!!!! Look at his lil' flyaway curls in the back!
And this is what I am like on little to no sleep.

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