Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This weekend has been pretty busy and lots of fun! I've had a three day weekend and could really use another day to take care of chores and such that have piled up over the weekend...

On Friday, we went back to the pumpkin patch and brought some friends along...

This little guy in the back in JJ, Skylar and Grey's cousin. Everytime he sees me with a camera, he shouts, "hey, take a picture of me doing this (fill in the blank)!"

This time, I got a few of the kiddos in the actual pumpkin patch.

And here is the gang: JJ, Grey, Cheyanne, Caleb, and Skylar. Its a miracle we got all of them in the holes. Sort of. Well, they are mostly in there. :)

On Saturday, we took the kids to the Kersey Valley Maize Adventure and were pretty shocked by how extensive the place is. It is kind of like a little old town with tons of stuff to do. And the maize maze was pretty impressive. You have to go through and find all of the different checkpoints (six in all) and each one has a picture with an animal, a weapon, and a location that you can mark off your card. The one left in each category tells you who killed the farmer. Basically CLUE, maize style.

Skylar really enjoyed pointing out which direction to go in at each turn.

Saturday night we went to my Granny's church for their festival and enjoyed some hotdogs and marshmallows over the bonfire, and a little skit before Trunk-or-Treating. Skylar, of course, was mute during the Trunk-or-Treating, but talked non-stop on the way home about all the candy she got. The suckers were a huge hit.

On Sunday, we went to our church's Festival and made the mistake of letting Skylar bounce in the bounce house first. Ruined the rest of her day when she had to get out. :) Well, she perked up a little later when she got to play games and get candy. This was her pre-bouncy when she was a little full of herself. :)
Grey was pretty serious all night. Except when the strange kid came up and squeaked his ears (they are squeaky); then Grey laughed at the boy.
First family photo: Skylar and Grey both looking at something and Skylar squeaking Grey's ears.
Next attempt: Skylar has one of her "looks" for some reason!
We met some friends there: Here are Krista and her little boy Ryder.
After that, we came back home and went trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. The cousins came over to join us. I'm pretty impressed with my SIL's costume-making abilities! She did them all herself!

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