Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Birthday fun!

Last Monday kicked off Skylar's "birthday week!" I like to celebrate birthdays as long as possible since I think the kiddos will appreciate that when they are older. So, each day last week we had a special thing to celebrate her birthday. Sunday night Ken and I blew up two packs of balloons and snuck them into her room after she went to sleep. She woke up to a room full of balloons and was so siked! And they provided hours of fun all week and throughout the birthday party on Saturday as well!

The rest of the week was, ice cream day, park day, we had a dinner out on her birthday and you get the idea. :)

On Saturday, she had a "Rock Star" diva party where the kids danced to a game on the Wii, played with the balloons, got "tattoos" that didn't really work, made sand art pictures and ate cake! What I've realized from this is that if I want good pictures of any more birthday parties, I need to make sure someone else is taking the pictures!

And, when Skylar is older, I really hope she appreciates all the effort I put into her birthday cake. She wanted a chocolate cake, so I made a homemade chocolate cake with strawberry ice cream filling and a homemade icing on top. And I made a total of three cakes since the first and third cakes I made fell completely apart and the second one fell only slightly apart. Thankfully, against the odds, the second cake held up long enough to ice it and slice it! And it tasted pretty good too. :)

Skylar was all about the presents this year and just tore into them! She barely stopped long enough to get the cards out (and only then after I had to prompt her)!
And my sister-in-law, Michelle, helped make this insulation board cut-out of a car for the kids to pose with and take pictures.

Sky couldn't really reach over the top of it!
And here are some pictures of the kids dancing. Sorry for the blurriness, but they weren't staying very still and I didn't have time to stop to get a good pic!

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