Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Impossible kid pics

I have a frame that I have been trying to fill for some time now. I really want a good picture of the two kids together and I don't really have one. Because it is impossible I believe. Today I took the kids to the park after getting ice cream at Feeney's for Skylar's Ice Cream Day of Birthday Week. Skylar wanted to bring her baby along too, so we all trekked out to the local park. This is the best picture of the two of them I got:
This one is cute, but you can't really see either of their faces.

And then another mom came up with two little girls and Skylar completely lost interest.

And Grey was much more interested in eating the grass. Which he somehow choked on and ended up spitting up all over the front of his shirt. See below.

So then, I just got a few of each one individually:

This is her, "I'm too cool for this mom, there are other girls over there watching this" look.

So then she started playing with the other girl and showing her the baby doll and you can see Grey was a little put out and jealous.

Funny story: When we got to the park, Skylar was talking about needing to feed her baby since she didn't get any ice cream and Grey had a noticeably stinky diaper, so I changed him on the bench while Skylar sat beside us. I turned around to see that she had one side of her shirt lifted up and her baby was resting casually in her lap, nursing away. I laughed a little and said, "Are you finished feeding your baby?" to which she replied, "No, I gotta switch sides now." And proceed to do just that. Pretty funny, although it still takes me back sometimes. Especially when she tries to use my breastpump.

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