Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fall Favorites

The fall season brings with it another first for us: Yard work.

Well, specifically fall yard work like raking up leaves. In years past we have either lived in apartments or had the yard work taken care o
f by the homeowners where we rented.

This year we had to trek out to Home Depot to purchase some necessary items (i.e., rakes) and debate about whether to get the plastic or metal kind.

We compromised and got one of each.

While Ken huffed and puffed while raking up the leaves, I took over the ever-important, totally tiring, and very dirty job of documenting
on camera this first for us.

Surprisingly, Grey did not care too much for the huge pile of leaves. I was completely shocked, thinking he would be in heaven with all of that yumminess to grad and munch on. I had already convinced myself that leaves were organic and therefore okay to consume in small amounts, assuming that he would get at least a few handfuls in his mouth while I was happily shooting away.

However, this was the face I got when I put him do
wn in the huge pile of leaves.

Did I mention that we have a TON of leaves. Cause we do. A ton. And we don't have yard waste pick-up since we are in the county. That is another first for us: burning. To be saved for another post when we ask for donations to help up rebuild our burnt-down house.

Just kidding. Hopefully we will only need a new garage.

But back to the more important kiddo pics: Doesn't Grey look handsome in his little cap and jacket! Love him!

P.s., this was taken mere seconds before he tumbled face-first into the leaves. Really not a happy camper after that...

And a further side note: There really is nothing quite like looking through a camera lens while watching your baby fall face first to the ground. I'm not quite coordinated enough to prevent this from happening while simultaneously taking the picture and so I freeze for a second and think, "Is it worth a little pain to get a keeper of his face mid-fall?" And then I chastise myself for thinking that, even for a split second, and throw the camera behind my back while running to pick up my now-screaming kid.

In the meantime, Ken was busily raking away and Skylar was busy trashing his neat little piles.

She had a full-out plan of attack:

First, wait quietly for him on the opposite side of the pile...
And then run for her life towards the incoming leaves... (yes, this is her running face, hah!)

And then, stop mid-pile just before the huge wave of leaves crashed down on her.

Don't worry. She survived.

And then she would prance around saying, "Momma, watch me do this!" as she did the same thing over and over again. Ahh, repitition, so good for little minds; so annoying after a time to their parents.

We still love you, even if we don't really want to watch you run around the center staircase for the 35th time in a row. Or in this case, run around the pile of leaves for the 35th time in a row. This girl can make a circle out of anything.

We are loving the fall season here and have had lots of fun making crafts and learning all about fall things. It certainly makes a difference when your kids get old enough to really start understanding and remembering things!

And it truly is such fun to pass down all the fun things we did as children and watch your own kids having a blast doing the same things!

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