Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oh Pooookie! Where are you?

We took Skylar to the library to check out some books the other day and got this one from Sandra Boynton called, "Night, Night Pookie". Skylar loves this book and will "read" it to me at nighttime. She's pretty good at remembering the lines, especially the first one that says, "Oh, Pooooookie! Where are you?" She also especially loves the one where Pookie is hiding and his mom says she is going to count to 3... which we also do, but Daddy does much more often than myself. She thinks its hilarious and refuses to accept that it is Pookie's mom in the book and insists that it is dada.

So, now I am wondering where my pookie is!! I wish I could just count to 3 and out will come baby! Last week I went to the doctor and found out that I am already dilated to 2; 3 at the top of my cervix, and 75% effaced. My midwife says there is no way I will make it to my due date of Feb. 4th. Yippee!!

The only bad part about finding that out is that now I am super-ready to have this baby! I am thinking about it constantly now; wondering if this will be the day, etc. and I am probably stressing myself out for nothing. With Skylar I wasn't in a hurry to have her (I really enjoyed those last few weeks with her) and when my water broke, I almost wished I had more time!

Now, everything is ready, I'm ready, and just can't wait to meet PB! I'm really excited to see if it is a boy or a girl, what they look like, what kind of temperament they will have, will they nurse right away, etc. etc. etc. I can't wait to have all my questions answered!

Here is a pic of the baby wrap that my mom ordered for me from etsy. I love the pattern and am really excited to figure out how to wear it with the baby. One of the best parts is that she ordered a matching baby wrap for Skylar to use with her babies. It's the exact same as mine, just toddler size!
Here is a pic of the diaper bag that I made for PB. I didn't want to spend mega bucks on a diaper bag and couldn't find the one I used for Skylar- so I got some cute fabric and made one this past week. I was slightly unprepared for the fact that the pattern called for 71 steps! Needless to say, it took me a little longer than I thought it would when I planned this out! But, I really like how it turned out and now it is finished and all packed with PB's things for the hospital!

I think Skylar is finally understanding that there is a new baby coming soon. Now that we are setting up the furniture and baby stuff, she wants everything to be hers. We hear "that mines!" a lot! We have constantly had to tell her, "no sweetie, this is for baby". Yesterday my family threw a baby shower for me and surprisingly she didn't seem to care at all about the presents (huge surprise!) but then later on after we brought everything home and were looking through them again and putting them away, she would grab a few things and say, "this one for baby. And then grab another one and say, "that one mines." Too funny! She's also really big on compromising lately as well. For instance, if we stop and get burgers on the way home from church or something, she will ask for fries in the car. When we told her to wait until we got home, she said, "just one fry?" Ad when she wants to take her arms out of the straps in the carseat and we tell her to put them back in, she will say, "just one army?" all the while nodding at me with a really serious look.

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Erin Hall said...

Oh my goodness our girls are so similar and fun~love it! I also LOVE that book..Charlotte has that at my parents house and she loves it (and loves it. and loves it and loves it, and loves it and loves it.).