Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Grey Stirling

Grey Stirling- born 1/22/10 at 2:55 pm.

He is starting out right supporting his Tarheels from the crib. Thanks Granny for getting these for him- I LOVE them!
Yes if you look closely you can see the pink, girly flowers on his little gloves. We don't have any boy gloves and he gouged his eye out.
Hah- love this face! Not so sure about getting burped.
And this is the norm. Typically, he is sleeping.
No, he doesn't have much hair, and what little peach fuzz he does have is blonde and invisible! But he has the same hairline that Skylar had- and I LOVE it!
Since he has jaundice, he has to lie on a "photoblanket"- a phosphorescent light that goes against his skin and helps break down red blood cells. I am evidently O+ and he is A+, making his jaundice levels higher than norm. It also doesn't help that he lost almost a full pound after he was born. Here he is with the two "blankets", one under him and one on his belly. It kind of freaks me out and makes me think of weird chemicals being leaked into his body. Maybe one day we will have a little superman on our hands. Right now we have a handy night light so I can see him easily at night.

Granny and Grandma came to visit- and brink back Skylar who has been staying with my mom for the past few days. They couldn't hold him for long since he is supposed to be on the blankets for 22 hours a day. We don't make it up to that much just by taking him off to nurse!

Heh- "I will not open my eyes for you. Well, maybe just a little peak to see what is going on."

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Erin Hall said...

He is wonderful. Congrats to the whole fam! (love the name, by the way! Grey was one of my faves before we knew Charlotte was a girl). Wishing you the best!