Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas 2009

Well, we are starting backwards, but here goes!

Here are Ken's brother Bill and his wife Kristen, whom Skylar loves! She spent the entire time they were here with them! I'm sure you can tell why...
While waiting for them to arrive so we could open presents, Skylar kept going in the living room and giving us this face saying, "More presents?" in the cutest little high-pitched voice that she uses quite frequently nowadays when she wants something we have told her she can't have. I'm not sure where she learned this new trick, but its actually one of the cutest things ever!
Sky LOVES to have her picture taken, and even more, she LOVES to see her picture afterwards! One of her presents this year was a kid-friendly camera that she has really enjoyed!
Posing in front of one of her presents- the usual cheese!
Being silly about wearing the Santa hat.
We spent Christmas Eve at my mom's house along with my brother and his family. Here Skylar is giving Granny kisses.

Trying on Cheyanne's new Cowgirl hat!
Playing with her new computer!
And of course, "Pisky" (Pipsqueak), the newest member of our family. (Zhu zhu pet- thanks mom for finding these!) Skylar loves Pisky and plays with him all day- he is the first thing she goes to when she wakes up in the morning and she routinely checks on him throughout the day. He has a wheel to run in and a car to drive, but the car doesn't work on carpet which we have in the bonus room, so she mainly puts him in the wheel to run his little heart out!
The stocking from Granny- complete with a sock monkey! Notice the hair-do! Gotta love her hair when she first wakes up!
Every year for Christmas, my extended family gets together on Christmas Eve to eat and exchange presents. It is always one of my favorite traditions! Here is Skylar and her Cheyanne.
Dustin made it this year with his little boy, Dakota. Notice the resemblance?!? Dakota had just woken up here and wasn't quite sure about all of these people, but he warmed up nicely. At the end of the night, he came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek and said bye. Totally a charmer!
Austin, Jaxon, Izzy, and Micael got Skylar this little doggy that has its own house to live in and she loves it!
Some of the older kids took turns helping Skylar open and figure out what her presents were!

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