Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Skylar meets Grey

Skylar came to the hospital while I was in labor (still walking around) and then again the next day (we came home that night). Ken told her we were going to the baby store when we left to go to the hospital and she loves going to the baby store and picking out stuff for the baby. She loved looking through the glass in the nursery to see the newborn babies and was just enthralled with them! When she came back to see Grey, she kept dragging family members down to the nursery to see him while he was getting a bath. She kept saying, 'baby come home" like she was ready to pick up her baby and take him home. Here is Grey with his "monks abu" as Skylar calls it after the monkey from Aladdin. She really likes putting it in his mouth. She also gave him one of her little teddy bears that she constantly has to make sure is in his bed with him.

She really likes to hold him and give him kisses. She is really gentle with him and likes to rub him like he is really soft. She is really interested in his feet and hands and likes to pull them out all the time!
She loves to play mommy to her babies- here she is with a little doll that she was putting baby powder on and a diaper. I have to constantly be on the outlook for stolen baby diapers b/c she likes to put the real ones on her babies and then the tags get torn. P.S. Here she is with her princess hat on that she likes to wear to the side or backwards. We have a little "gangsta."
She likes helping with Grey- especially feeding him a bottle. She got a little upset the other day when i was nursing him and she couldn't help out.
However, she was satisfied with a piece of cake instead.
Our compromise??- She wrapped up one of her babies and used a pillow like my boppy to give her baby a bottle!
Her first look at Grey in person. She was extra gentle without anyone having to say anything.
She wasn't quite sure what to do with him, so she just sat there and put her head on him. We shall see how these next few days go as this will be the first extended time she has spent with him and I will be with both babies minus hubby!


Imperfect said...

Precious! I'm just so tickled over our niece and nephew. Bill absolutely cannot wait to meet Grey. Praying for y'all and hoping the whole family is doing well. :)

Eve said...

Grey is beautiful and Sky is cute with him! I know that she will be a great big sister!