Wednesday, December 30, 2009


First snow of the year!

Skylar loved the snow this time (last year she was a little hesitant, especially if any of the snow got on her hands, face, legs, etc.)! Skylar was super excited to watch the snow come down and then get ready to go outside- although she didn't want to wear her gloves, scarf or hat...
Of course, she had to taste it.
Nana and Papa showed her how to have a snowball fight!
Skylar didn't get the hang of throwing snowballs, but she really enjoyed calling the dogs to her and rubbing a handful of snow on their backs. When the dogs were not available, daddy's legs were a good substitute.
The dogs were a little hesitant- they get cold easily, but they loved running around in the snow once we forced them outside!
Not quite the full cheese here = much better picture of her face!

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