Monday, December 19, 2011

Halloween- Going back a few months to catch up!

So, yes, Halloween was almost two months ago, but I want to document here for memories sake! Grey was a puppy (you might remember this puppy from Skylar's second Halloween) and Skylar was a dragon. The dragon was meant for Grey, but Skylar decided to wear it over the princess dress-up clothes that she has and I was all for that. It was a little tight… and short… but whatever, it was dark!

We didn't last too long trick-or-treating this year. The cousins came over and we went around the neighborhood like last year, but only made it to the end of our street before we had to head home!

Grey was adorable saying, "tick-a-teet, pees" and "ank-ooo", however, he assumed that he would be able to eat all of his candy immediately and got to the point where he started screaming as we left each house because he couldn't eat everything while standing at the door.

Skylar, refused to say anything, but did smile and ask me if I would say "trick-or-treat, smell my feet" for her. I refused. She did great until we got to a couple of houses in a row that had a bowl of candy sitting out to grab yourself. At the next couple of houses, she decided that she wanted to pick out her own candy instead of them handing it to her and even said, "I don't want that one!" After explaining that that was rude and telling her she needed to except whatever they gave her and say thank you, we went on to the next house. She did the same thing and so we decided then and there to make an early night of it.

We got back home and kids were in the bed and Skylar was standing at the top of the stairs when the doorbell rang a few minutes later and she yells down, "Mama, don't hand out the good candy! Not the candy in that bowl!" I told her she could eat the candy she got tonight, but we were handing out the candy we bought to hand out. So she thought a minute and said, "Just turn the light off and put a sign up that says we are out of candy!"

She thinks she's so smart…

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