Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fall fun.. with a little Christmas thrown in there

Skylar can be very particular about how she falls asleep and often needs certain babies/animals/pillows, etc. When we walk in to check on her at night, this is a pretty normal scene:
Books everywhere, clothes on the floor (she sometimes changes) and dolls laid out on pillows with blankets. They need some love too.

On another note: Skylar is all into the Christmas season and loved getting to decorate this gingerbread man with my mom one day. Don't worry about the Halloween tablecloth… it has been replaced with a Christmas one. :)

But, before we jump too much into Christmas, there's still some more catching up to do…
One of the great (ah-hem) things about fall is all of the leaves on the ground and how beautiful they are changing colors. Everywhere but in your own yard. I don't have an official count, but we had somewhere close to 100 50 gal. bags of leaves and we still haven't gotten them out of the back natural area or the flower bed beside the house. Meh.

Skylar and Grey had a blast jumping in the leaves though when we raked them up into piles. They really just threw themselves into it!

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