Sunday, May 15, 2011

Self-feeding = 10 minutes free time for Mom!

Grey is a mama's boy. Through and through.

I used to think Skylar was bad, but Grey has her beat times ten.

He's 15 months old and I just stopped nursing. He gets very angry at me when he doesn't get to nurse. And that has made it hard to stop before now.

But its getting embarrassing. He likes to grab my shirt and try to pull it down. Or push it up. And I found out that can be very awkward when I'm holding in while trying to carry on a conversation. There's nothing discreet about trying to not flash a person standing directly in front of you.

And I started having nightmares. Of Grey being five years old and having to be home-schooled because he still nurses.

I didn't want to be that mom. And I didn't want Grey to be that boy.

So, I pulled the plug. And he is so much happier (angrier) than before!

Lately I've been super busy with take-home work from school plus doing homework for my online class that I have needed to take some time while the kids are still awake to work. But Grey really doesn't like that and hates it when I am on the computer at home. And then I end up writing sentences that make no sense or putting the wrong date on the school yearbook.

So, enter in 10-20 minutes of free time for me, in which Grey is happily occupied. And immobile (very important!).

Give this kid some food and a spoon! Preferable when he doesn't have any clothes on! These pictures were all taken the day that Skylar went fishing with Papa and I was sitting inside at the kitchen table trying to write a paper. I did actually finish the paper at a later time, but it was too distracting with Grey sitting right there and the camera just inches away…
Throw in a few strawberries for him to dig for and it gave me an extra ten minutes!
And just throw him in the sink to clean up while he plays with the water. It's a win-win.

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