Tuesday, May 17, 2011

GYC Carnival

This past week/weekend, the GYC carnival was going on by the Coliseum. Being that we are broke, we don't usually do things like carnivals and fairs, but I thought I had read something somewhere about there being some free time for kids… so I looked it up Friday night and lo and behold, Saturday was free entrance and free rides from 10-11! So, we got up and headed out the door Saturday morning to meet my Mom and niece at the carnival! We still had to pay for parking, and threw in a few bucks for some cotton candy, but otherwise it was perfect! The sky was overcast and it was early, so there was hardly anyone there. We got to ride everything we wanted to in the park before they started charging!

Skylar was a little skeptical at first, and kept throwing her hands up at me when she went around on her first ride… but she quickly got the hang of it!

Grey kept trying to get down out of the stroller so he could get on some rides too, so I took him on the carousel with Skylar. The first time, we all sat on a bench and he loved it. The second time I put them both on a horse together and he gave me this face the entire ride… until he saw a lady walking by with food and then he kept trying to locate her in the crowd and forgot to be scared.
Granny and Cheyanne rode the ferris wheel which Skylar was adamant that she would not be going on. She did tell me that she would go on a "little big wheel" though. And side note, this past Monday a worker was cleaning up the ferris wheel and fell and died. Sad story.
Skylar was evidently, "weally weally weally weally wEALLY weally weally lotsa hungry" when she spotted all of the food booths, so she pigged out on some cotton candy while Cheyanne and I rode the Himalaya. I think she's a fan.
Grey also got his first taste of cotton candy…
I think he's a fan as well. :)
That's cotton candy in his hand there, hidden by his elbow.
I hope they do this free thing every year!

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