Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fishing with Papa

It's been awhile... These last few weeks have been filled with lots of projects and fun, with a teeny tiny bit of stress thrown on top. So, I've been a slacker. Every time I thought about posting a new blog, I would get incredibly stressed out thinking about all of the pictures that I would have to scan through, and trying to organize those that are most important and those that are just fun. And I would hyperventilate just a little bit thinking about it all.

And then I would start cleaning.

Because, that's what I do. I clean when I am stressed, angry or just want to procrastinate.

You would think I'd have the cleanest house on the block! But I don't.

Sometimes I think Ken makes me mad on purpose, just so I will clean.

He might have hinted at it a few times over the years...

But, I finally had a weekend free of any large projects looming over my head, so I thought I had better just get to it. And so, I cleaned all weekend until now, 9:30 pm on Sunday, and I'm just too tired to clean anymore. Besides, Skylar has been intent on messing up everything I have just cleaned, so I'm not even sure what the point was.

Back in April, Papa invited Skylar to go fishing with him so she could use the new princess rod she gave him for his birthday. Skylar was stoked! She's been looking forward to this for weeks and finally the weather and scheduling worked out!

They started up on the bank in Nana and Papa's backyard, but didn't get any bites. I joined in for this part to take some pictures, but then had to relegate myself inside to finish a paper for school.
They decided to move onto the lake and hopped into Papa's boat.
Grey wanted to join in the fun, but as he is still suicidal at times (no fear), he had to stay on land. Besides, he needed to practice his walking skills on sloped ground.
Turns out the boat was the place to be! I think they caught 5(?) for the day! And Skylar loved the fish, the bait, the hooks… all of it.

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