Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas in Oak Ridge, TN!

After spending Christmas Eve with my family, we bathed the kids, put on their pjs and threw them in the car hoping that they would sleep for the 5 hour drive to Oak Ridge, TN where we spent the next week with Ken's family at his grandparents house. No such luck as I believe Skylar's favorite phrase of the night was, "I'm gonna stay awake the whole time and Grey's gonna stay awake too!" There was also a lot of "Grey! Wake up! No Sleeping!" Thankfully she passed out about 10 o'clock.

We woke up Christmas morning and waited for everyone else to get up before heading in to open our stockings! Here are our four, the two in the middle are the ones that I made for the kids this year.
My little elf!
After the stockings, we showered and headed downstairs to spend the rest of the day opening presents. These kids are totally spoiled! If you look closely, you can find the baby in there.
Here is the gang, minus a few people.
Here's Gigi playing the piano. Ken's family has a lot of musical talent, its easy to see where he got it from.
I love how everyone comes for the week and we get to play lots of board games, video games, or in this case: Just Dance 2.
I do think he was getting into the game here.
Gigi and G-pa were showing everyone how to waltz. I seriously hope that Ken and I are just like them when we grow up.
Nana with some of the girls doing the robot.
Skylar and her favorite great-uncle, Mickey!
A little football in the freezing weather.
And a little fun with the tire swing!
Notice the lack of snow on the ground? We left NC just in time for the first white Christmas in oh, 50 years.

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