Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy birthday to my little punk!

Saturday was Grey's first birthday, and true to form, it has seriously been the fastest year of my life. I'm sure I will say that from here on out, but I still can't believe that he is already one. Maybe its because he still isn't walking yet? Who knows, but he really seems to be so little to be one already.

We had a Winter "One"derland theme for his birthday party and invited some family and friends over for brunch. I borrorwed a Cricut machine from a friend at work to do his decorations with and now I really want one of my own: I loved this thing! It was so fun and so easy to make these birthday banners and tags for everything! I might have gotten a little carried away...

Some friends from work helped me make these cake balls for all of the guests. They were delish and really easy to make!
And, I made Grey's birthday cake. It was my first time working with fondant, so it is a little plain, but I think it came out cute! And the marshmallow fondant was super easy to make and Grey thought it was delicious!
Grey had some extra help opening his presents, but as you can see, he was flirting away the whole time. Little charmer. Instead of presents, we asked for art supplies to donate to our local children's hospital where there is an Arts for Life volunteer art desk where a volunteer is there everyday to do arts and crafts with the cancer patients. I'll post some more about when we deliver all of the amazing supplies we received! Skylar is going crazy trying to get into all of them, but we are trying to teach her about the importance of giving away, especially when you want to keep for yourself.
The birthday boy! The few of you who have been reading this blog for awhile will remember that I tye-died a shirt for Skylar with her name on it when she turned one, and we didn't want to leave Grey out. So here is his first birthday shirt!
More flirting, what am I going to do with this one!
His first girl, Mackenzy, waving bye-bye to him.
Our friend Liam, who turned one back in November.
And time for cake! Grey dove right on in and needed no encouragement. I wonder how this child is still in the 30% for weight... He ate two of the snowman's "buttons" off while we were still singing.
I'd say he enjoyed it!
And now its time to flirt some more with Grandma... "Aww, you think I'm so cute when I lay my head down like this. Works everytime."
Little punk, he knows just what to do. Sigh.

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