Monday, December 6, 2010

December? Already?

Anyone else feel like there is no way it could already be December? As I think back over my to-do list for the year, I sadly have crossed off far fewer things than I would have liked. For me, life is more of the routine day-to-day activities and less of the big ideas and major events. And for some reason it seems like "life" rushes by so much faster that way.

In other news: Grey has taken off like a rocket and is crawling everywhere now. His favorite things to crawl to are the Christmas tree (three of our ornaments have been broken already from him grabbing the lower branches and pulling down); the dog bowls (thankfully he has not gotten ahold of any dog food that I know of); the stairs (way to go us for putting the stair gate up super early!) and our key stand.

He is also cutting his top two teeth right now, so I really wanted to get some pictures up of this super cheesy little face as is:
He makes me laugh every.time.he.cheeses like this. Those two little bottom teeth melt my heart. And as you can see... this little guy really enjoys his food. He is all about the self-feeding and tends to get angry when he can't feed himself, or when you try to give him baby food instead of part of what you are eating. And instead of pinching his food up one bite at a time, he prefers the faster method of shoveling food in two fistfuls at a time. No kidding. I have several bibs, but don't even bother with most of them anymore. I only use my IKEA bibs that are full-body bibs and if it the food involves red sauce? Stripping works best.
How old are you Skylar? That's right! My three-year-old can sight read two words now: "happy" and "feet!"
She is also a second mommy and is always right on top of Grey to make sure that he doesn't get into anything he shouldn't. They adore each other and it is so fun to see them play together. One of their favorite things is to play music together and the other day they spent about 30 minutes entertaining each other with this little guitar that Skylar got for her birthday. Seriously, 30 minutes of them happily playing with the same toy- it was incredible!

Did I mention his obsession with food? Right, well here was Skylar's attempt to finish her breakfast. Always gotta be on the lookout girly!
And if no food is available? The travel chair will do!
And last but not least: Papaw and Dada attempting to hula-hoop. They look like hula-hoopers don't they?

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