Saturday, November 20, 2010

To run or not to run.

The other weekend, I ran a 5K to support our local Autism Society with a few gals from my school. My name is in cyberspace as coming across the line around 36 and a half minutes. There is proof out there somewhere of me as I ran across the finish line. Proof, that I am sure I would rather not see as I tend to get all red and puffy when I exercise. Not the healthy flushed look that some women are blessed with... the splotchy, beet-red, gonna-die-any-moment-now look. I'll just let you imagine that for yourselves.

But, the amazing part is that I actually ran and finished a 5K with no training. Granted, I walked up two hills and part of a straightaway, but I ran most of it and my timing wasn't half bad. And it got me thinking. About really training. Really running. And running a longer distance. It got me thinking about a marathon.

You see, ever since I started grad school and then got pregnant with Skylar, I have been truly slack about any and all exercise. I have used every excuse in the book, and in the end, that is all they are. Excuses. And I'm tired of not fitting into my pants; of getting winded walking up the stairs; of knowing that I have let myself go.

And I want to change that. I miss the excitement of playing sports; joining a team; and feeling good about my appearance. I miss having a personal fitness goal that I work hard to achieve. Of seeing and feeling the difference that my hard work has made.

So, as I dream about training and running a half marathon in Nashville at the end of April, I wonder if I will make the change this time and stick it out. As I weigh the good and the bad: thinking about training outside in the winter, paying the big bucks and joining a gym, of being able to run up the stairs with a 20+ lb. baby in tow and still being able to talk to Skylar when I get to the top... We'll see. I'll let you know.

And if anyone is interested in training with me? Just let me know. :)

In other news: here are my beautiful children.
One thing about these kiddos: they have some gorgeous eyes.

Notice the hair sticking up in the back? Yea, nothing gets those locks to stay down.
Grey has sort of mastered crawling now: He can move up on his hands and knees... and then go straight backwards.
It's pretty frustrating for him. And we keep turning around to find him wedged under all sorts of things: his crib, the rocker, the couch, a bookshelf. Anything with a small opening.

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