Monday, May 31, 2010

Baby Liam :)

The other day I met up with Heather and her youngest son, baby Liam at the park. Heather and I go way back, back to elementary school days, but had lost touch with each other from high school on. Now, thanks to FB and our moving back to G'boro, we have caught up a little bit more and spent some time together. Hence, I was really excited to take some pics of baby Liam- isn't he adorable! He has the most intense eyes ever for a baby!
And here is the face that he gave me most of the time we were together!
He tried really hard to sit upright, but just couldn't quite make it all the time!
Did I mention the raspberry face above?? Yep, here it is again from another angle. :) But how cute is it that he is studying his feet here. Or maybe the grass? Or both. Yea, let's go with both.
Love it!
My favorite kind of family portrait. You can just see how much Heather adores her little boy!
Practicing his walking skills.
And a nice little portrait.
Maybe next time we can get Liam and his older brother Evan together?? Cuteness overload anyone?

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