Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mickey er Minnie Kitty

Last week, someone dropped off a box of four little kittens by the back door of my school... for the third time this year. I, being the sucker that I am, offered to foster the kitten who did not have a furever home by the end of the day until one was found for him. How could you not be sucked into a face like this?
Skylar was overjoyed to have this little kitty in our house and relentlessly played with him. She wanted to call him Minnie (as in Mouse), but we tried to compromise with Mickey instead. However everytime we called him Mickey, she would correct us with his real name... There is no compromise with a two-year-old!
How precious is this little face!

Mickey er Minnie really enjoyed Grey's toys, most especially his floormat with the overhanging bars. Those were great fun to climb and chew on! As you can see- he was a great little climber. When I would walk around the house he would climb up on the back of my pants leg and just stay there for the ride!

You are going to be jealous of the next two that I got on camera. I just know it. I mean, who else has a ninja kitty!

And Ken? Well, at first he was a little upset that I brought home another animal home (this would be the third? fourth? time). However, he was definitely the first one to grab up the little guy for snuggle time on the couch. And you know where Mickey slept? Curled up on the bed in between the two of us! And the best part... when I sent him a text saying that the kitty had a new home as of the next day.. his answer, "Nooo! Not my snuggle buddy!" So yea, Ken is now a kitty guy. Rock on.

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