Sunday, June 14, 2009

Austin's B-Day- Happy 6th Austin!

Today we went over to my cousin's house to celebrate Austin's 6th birthday!  It was a pool party with lots of different pools, slip'n slides, water fountains, etc. for all the kiddos to play in and Skylar had a blast!  It took her a little while to warm up to the other kids, but then it was really cute to see her playing with her cousins!

Here is the birthday boy on the slide!
I love Izzy's expression in the background!
Sweet water-baby Aimee!
Mmm, watermelon!

Here is Aimee and Granny
Splashin' fun!
Skylar wiping out on the slide! You can see Izzy's feet where she was probably laughing at Skylar!
So cute!  If only I could photoshop that truck out of the background...
Walking up and down the slide waiting for the next one to fall!

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Zach and Carey said...

I'm about 12 weeks. It was another surprise believe it or not. by the way skylar is about the cutest thing ever i can't believe she's growing up, please inform her she is only one.