Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Some pics from June

One of my favorite pics of the two of us ever!

At Alan and Anne's wedding in June!

Sweet baby Vivian made her debut. Sadly, she slept through most of the time that we were there!
Vivian's beautiful mommy- Ashley!
This is the face of a hubby who does not like weddings.
After working with the indoor lighting w/o an external flash: this is the only good pic I got of the hot couple: Emily and Mark.
Sky taking some time out to chew her nails. She got that habit from me...
I loved, loved, loved how each centerpiece was set with a theme based on different areas Alan or Anne had lived. Here is my favorite. Or maybe it is the one from Italy where they will be moving this fall.

Grandparents have been schooling Sky in the craft of "boating" this summer; taking her out a handful of times with them. Here are some pics of their first trip; note: she has gotten much more independent over the next few trips.
Love how Nana is now wearing Skylar's hat.
Waving to the rents, although I'm not sure she really wanted to say goodbye...

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emie said...

Oh that's nice that you and Skylar were at Alan and Anne's wedding !:)
Unfortunatelly i couldn't be exams at school.
I hope you have enjoyed the party.