Saturday, June 6, 2009

Swimming and other fun times!

Skylar has learned how to take her diaper off nowadays as we are working on potty-training. Luckily she was dry at the end of her nap. 
Here is Skylar pouting in the back yard the other day.  I love the light in the pic!
Just to show everyone that she is finally getting hair.  She has a full-blown mullet now. 
This photo is out of focus (sorry!), but I had to put it in here as she is so cute giggling in the picture! 
Skylar and daddy learning to skateboard. 
She had some chocolate on the way to the pool.  I don't usually let her go out looking like this!
She LOVED the pool the second time we went.  She didn't want anyone to hold her while she swam, she wanted to jump in the deep end and swim by herself.  Needless to say we didn't let that happen. 
Of course we had to take ducky for her to throw and then watch the little boy in the pool go after it. 
(On a side note, the first time we went to the pool it was quite frigid and Skylar let out an extremely loud squeal when she first got in)!


Sarah said...

That first pic cracks me up! That's impressive she was dry at the end of her nap! Jackson is potty trained but still wears a pull-up at nap time to be on the safe side. I love that pic of her and Ken! And the pool is one of the greatest places! Jackson would spend every day in the pool, ocean or lake if we'd let him! It's good she's not afraid of it!

Ken, Brandi and Skylar said...

yea its good she's not afraid, but she scares me to death! Today she kept wanting to jump in the deep end all by herself!

Ken, Brandi and Skylar said...
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