Saturday, August 4, 2012

Summer Fun: NC Science Center

This summer we have been going, going, going, constantly.  Its been great!  We've been to the Science Center a few times with Nik and her gang and Skylar and Grey love to hang out with Austin, Jaxon, Izzy, and Michael.  

I love this shot of one of the gibbons at the SC.  This guy just came over to hang out with us… for awhile.  I took this shot straight on without bending down or anything.  Just imagine what all those littles saw… 
 All together there are 9 of us.  Here they all are lined up watching the animals. 
 Here's Austin and Grey.  Every mom needs an Austin.  He constantly watches over Grey and the other littles as they meander around, sometimes away.  He's great!
 They've got to pet lots of snakes, bearded dragons, rabbits, etc. 

 And although Wes has not been fond of staying in his carseat in the snap'n go stroller, he has appreciated the extra attention.  He's got lots to say ya'll!
 I love this kid!  I'll look over at Michael randomly and will see this exact pose and look on his face. Priceless!
 Skylar and Izzy have been fast friends.  They giggle, hold hands, and do all the little girly things with each other. 

 The littlest philosopher. 
 This is Grey's, "mom, I don't want to wait any longer for you to take any more pictures" face. 

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