Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cookie Decorating Party

Down the street from Nikki's house is a cute little cupcake eatery that hosts little cookie/cupcake decorating parties for kids.  Nikki signed up the kids for one afternoon while Skylar was staying with them and we joined in on the fun as well.  It was super cute, super cheap, and fun for all.  Except that I didn't get any cookies out of the deal… 
 The bobsey twins.  One great thing about Skylar hanging out with Izzy so much is that she now lets me do her hair! 
 Wes was happy chillin' out in the stroller for a while. 
 Love this kid! When he's happy, he's happy. 
 Austin demonstrating how to stir up the frosting. 
 There was a little peaking going on around the table!

 And a little sneaking… 

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