Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wesley Sage: A birth story, part 1

Thursday, March 8th, 2012, I went to see my midwives for a check-up. I have two wonderful midwives that I have been seeing since early on in my pregnancy. So, we grabbed the kids, dropped my car off at Merchants to get it fixed for inspection, and my mom and I went in for my check-up, prayerfully hoping they would give me a way to have this baby today. I was currently a week and two days "overdue" from the second due date given me; although still two days away from my first due date.

I hurt everywhere. I was huge. Too large to put on my own shoes without a major struggle. Unable to play with my kids like I wanted because I had no energy. I was on maternity leave for the past week and thought of nothing but having this baby. I learned that I am impatient. I'd never been in this position of waiting before, and I did not like it.

I get to my midwives house and go do my business in the cup. Surprisingly, everything is still looking good and it is time to check the baby. My blood pressure is holding steady at slightly high, my legs and ankles are slightly swollen, and my belly has surpassed all understanding and measures over 45 weeks. I was huge. So, we started talking about more options on how to evict precious baby from the womb, and decide to start with checking my cervix for dilation.

I'm dilated to 2, no effacement, and baby is high up in the cervix. My midwife stretches my cervix to a good 3-3.5 easily and we hope that this is enough to begin labor. I have strict instructions on what to do if I start having contractions, and we leave wondering what the day will bring.


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