Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Spring-time means it is once again time for soccer! And no, I am not coaching this year. Skylar was a little upset when she learned that I wasn't coaching, but I'm pretty certain she was more upset about having to turn the bag of balls with a certain pink soccer ball in to the new coach.

She has done a pretty good job during practices, but other then getting on the field her first game to run hand-in-hand with her soccer BFF, she has yet to participate in any of her games…

Meanwhile, here is what the rest of us do:
Ken and Grey climb trees!

And Baby Wes sleeps.
Skylar frequently runs over to give Baby Wes kisses, hugs and handshakes. She wants to make sure that he is watching her...
I actually love this age in sports. I love how it takes all of the dads to corral the kiddos for practice! Makes you respect those Kindergarten teachers a bit more!
During the last game, Skylar said her ear was hurting (turns out she did have a major ear infection) and refused to play. She was in the game for about 5 minutes as long as I was holding her hand before she wanted to get out.

So instead, Skylar and her BFF chased each other around with the ball the rest of the game. At one point they even ran across the game field with their ball, playing.

If anyone has any ideas on how to get your child to play in the game… I'm all ears!

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