Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The long road... of poop.

It's been hard, frustrating, disgusting, and most of the time untimely. And we are finally seeing the light at the end of the potty. Skylar is finally consistently pooping in the potty. All it took was a lot of bribery with a side of threat of potential harm thrown in. And a lot of scrubbing on hands and knees to clean up this:
And these:

I remember sitting in the bathroom with Skylar as we tried reading books, playing games, singing songs, whatever we could think of while she sat on the potty, just hoping for that first time when she would go on the potty. Most of the that time, she would end up trying to inch her way off the potty by sticking her butt up in the air and scooting away (like I couldn't see that if she went slowly enough). The next step was her refusing to sit on the potty and she would then "hide" behind the shower curtain and sit down with her feet sticking out of the bottom.

We have made it through the training panties stage where she would have an accident, say, "oopsies", and then waddle her way to the bathroom and strip; through the public accidents and walk of shame out of the Playland where she peed while going down the slide; through the public restroom training where I simultaneously had to gather toilet paper to wipe off the toilet seat, pull her pants down, sit her on the toilet so that neither she nor her clothes are touching any "no-no" areas on the toilet, pull her pants back up and flush-- all the while making sure that she doesn't touch anything and doesn't wander into "no man's land" behind the toilet.
And that got even more interesting when Grey was added to the scene...

We have gone through boxes of ICEE pops and chocolate popsicles, and a case load of stickers in this last final push to get her to consistently use the potty. And last but not least, don't let me forget the times that she pooped in the tub and I had to scrub down the bathtub and all of the bath toys that unfortunately were in with her.

I really hope Grey does better than Skylar did. Because this? This was not fun.

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