Sunday, September 19, 2010

Carousel Festival

This past weekend we went to the Burlington Carousel Festival, celebrating 100 years of the carousel in Burlington City Park (also the park we had Skylar's first birthday party!) So we took the kiddos and enjoyed a few hours in the 90-degree weather!

Grey enjoyed his time in the stroller where he smiled at me constantly.... just kidding, he's really looking at the balloons in my hand in this picture...

Truely- he loved the balloons!
Quite content with his balloons and toes.

Oh wait... Nana came with refreshment! Yummy lemonade!

Skylar rode the horses with dada. She is all about horses these past few days and has decided that she wants horses at her birthday party. Which she talks about a lot!

She also rode the boats (I think she was a little bored here).

But her true joy is to "swing really high!"

And of course she wanted to do all the bouncy things! She's such a big girl now! I was afraid she would be too scared to go by herself, but she just skipped (literally) up to the ticket man threw her ticket at him and kept skipping right on past to the entrance!

Up the big slide!
And in the bounce house!

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