Saturday, April 10, 2010

Farts ARE funny!

The other day I was driving and saw this on a bumper sticker, "Farts are funny." This is sooo true, especially if you are me. :) They make me laugh every.single.time.

It made me think of many of the different things that Skylar says/does and how she is just like me- we both think that bodily functions are funny stuff. A few weeks ago, I was asking Skylar if she needed to go potty and she said yes, but instead of going over to the potty, she squatted where she was and said, "pssss" and then threw her butt up in the air behind her and said, "bomp". I'm sure you can guess what she was referring to. :) Of course I thought this was hilarious and laughed, giving her the all-clear to do this ALL the time. She doesn't even do the accompanying motions all the time, however they do add a little extra "spice" if you know what I mean.

One of her favorite things about Baby Grey is that he is constantly pooting or making other bodily noises. And he is very loud. :) She thinks it is hilarious and every.single.time. he does this, she will yell out while laughing, "Baby Gay just pooted!" And of course, I'm not the best role model for her, because I'm usually the first one laughing. :)

I love this girl, crazy drama and all. :)

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SarahRachel said...

SO TRUE!! I was just reading a parenting book that talked about the importance of not laughing about that kind of stuff (especially at the dinner table) and when Jackson let one rip the other night and then laughed hysterically saying "I FAWTED!!!" Alan and I ended up in hysterics and I decided the author of said book should LIGHTEN UP! =)