Wednesday, February 24, 2010

McIver Basketball :)

I love my school. And that is cool.

Back in Nashville, I had very limited experience with an all special-needs school and it wasn't a very good experience. So, when I accepted a job at McIver, a special-needs school from K-22, I really wasn't sure what was in store for me and if I would stay there long. BUT, I happen to love my students, my co-workers (most of them ;)) and I LOVE my job.

So, as my maternity leave nears its end, I am excited to get back to work and be reunited with the things I love about it. Even as my heart breaks so that pieces of it can stay back home with my babies. (Yes, even the toddler who drives me insane at times).

And, one of the things I love most about my job is supporting my students as they have basketball and soccer games, the two sports our school participates in. Grey and I went to one of the basketball games earlier this week to watch our tigers win 28-26 in a great game!

I sported Grey in my baby wrap. Yes, there is a baby in there...
The Goldston Family- both Trenida and Danny work at McIver and were two of the first people to help make me feel welcome.
The three new mommies of the year: (L-R) Heather and Madelyn, Me and Grey (I guess he was trying to act tough in between the ladies) and Aftynne and Mackenzy.
Whit, Danny, and Deborah. Some of my favs. :) I have to say that this pic looked much better in the camera than it does on my computer... I'll have to get a better one of you guys next time.

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