Sunday, February 21, 2010

The littlest Mommy.

So, we made Skylar give Grey a bath the other night.

J/K! And don't be alarmed grandparents- we were right there! I could have easily thrown the camera over the shoulder should anything have happened.

Anyways, Skylar is a pretty good big sister. She loves her little, "Baby Gay" as she calls him. (Yea, we didn't really think about that one when we named him... note to future parents- have your older children pronounce your future children's names before you settle). She loves all things baby- and he just fits right on in there. She is very concerned when he cries and will scream, "hush baby gay" over and over until he is quiet (also what she does for the dogs). Sometimes it requires getting right in his face to tell him to "hush".

The other day when I was in the shower, Skylar came in twice to tell me that "baby gay crying again mama!" and I could hear her telling him to hush from the shower. So much concern for him. :)

She loves to wrap him up and put him to bed as well as give him his monkey paci. And most of all, she love to hold him on the couch and give him kisses and hugs. Although she usually only holds him for a few seconds before she literally pushes him head first in any direction to get him off of her. We're working on this...

Really, she is the perfect big sister- except where Mama is concerned. Then she is a little terror. I have learned to be very surreptitious when I nurse him or else she will start to scream, "Mama hold Skylar" a gazillion times and then try to climb up on top of his head. Ensuring pain for both mom and babe. She has even taken to hiding my nursing pillow. The other day I asked her to get it for me from the other room and she took it and threw it in the bathroom and shut the door. Again... we're working on it... :)

Seriously though, Skylar is amazing! She is getting to that wonderful age where she can play tricks and is very emotionally aware. The other morning when I was feeling horrible with a high fever, she asked me, "What's the matter mama?" And then proceeded to take care of me. :) And she has a wonderful sense of humor! One morning this week, I asked her to get her socks and shoes on so we could go somewhere and I had already handed her her socks. As she routinely hides things when she doesn't want to wear them/use them/etc., I knew that I wouldn't be able to find them and I kept telling her to go get her socks and put them on; to which she kept replying, "where sockies mama? I don't know where sockies!" Then she pulled her other hand out from behind her back with her "sockies" in hand and said, "Ah, there they are!" laughed crazily and ran out of the room.

And here are some pics:

Skylar is giving Grey a butterfly kiss. Or making him kiss her: not really sure which.
Nice big kisses there!
My little photographer! The other week when I was taking pics of "baby gay" she jumped right in alongside me with her camera and started taking pics too. Telling him to "say cheese!"
Evidence of liking to wrap him up. I think I forgot to mention that she likes to wrap herself up too now.

As you can see here:
She is very interested in the little details. Or she might have put something in his ear. Or she might have been cleaning out the lunch that I ate earlier while nursing. I'm not going to say that his ear hasn't caught a few crumbs from me while I was eating and nursing at the same time...
And one of my favs! Finally a pic of me with one of the kids!

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SarahRachel said...

Oh, I LOVE this. Baby Gay...tee hee. Gorgeous pics! Love that last one of you two together! And it sounds like she's doing awesome!