Monday, October 19, 2009

I passed!

I passed!

A little history: Last week I went in for an early glucose tolerance screening since I had gestational diabetes with Skylar. And I failed. :( I was really upset about this even though chances were high that I would get it again. But I had tried pretty hard to eat right and knock out a lot of carbs from my diet in an attempt to steer clear of the diabetic diet this go round.

So, I prepared myself all last week but planning low-carb meals, ditching basically all snacks, and letting go of my one soda day per week rule. And it was incredibly hard. I forgot that the worst part about gestational diabetes is that you crave what you can't have. And pregnancy cravings for me are pretty strong. I don't crave weird things or specific things, but if I think about a certain food, or hear a TV ad, etc. then I really crave that food until I get it. I downloaded diabetic recipes off-line and tried out a few... and tried to convince myself that they tasted just as good as the real thing. Not so really.

So, with a big fat "F" on my record, I was scheduled for a 3-hour glucose tolerance test this morning for a final slap in the face confirmation. And surprisingly, I passed! Everyone was really surprised, especially since I failed my first (out of four total) tests- my fasting one. Usually if you fail the fasting one, then you are a shoe-in for failing at least one more. Earning you a big diagnosis of gestational diabetes. But surprise, surprise, I passed all three of my next tests!

I'm not sure what this means next for me; I will probably have to test again at a later date b/c the further along your pregnancy is, the greater your chance of developing diabetes. Since I tested early this time in an attempt to be proactive and catch it early (that is how certain it is that I will develop it again), we had decided that if I was close to the limit, we would test again in a few weeks when most women test.

So for now, I will take my few extra weeks and be happy! I won't go overboard b/c I want to do right, but I will enjoy my cereals, breads, fruits and pastas with a lot of happiness... for a little while!

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