Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Skylar!

Yesterday was Skylar's 2nd birthday. I cannot believe that she is 2-years-old now, sometimes it really freaks me out... other times it is so normal I never think about it. We are having an "official" birthday party on Halloween for her, but wanted to do something small on her actual birthday to commemorate the event- even though she won't know the difference! She was actually really excited whenever we mentioned it, like she really knew what it meant!

We went to church in the morning and they sang happy birthday to her in the nursery, which she loved! Then we took the doggies for a walk in the park and she had a great time running and "walking" the dogs. Then we came back for pizza for lunch and a short non-nap. She sat and talked to herself/put diapers on her babies for 2 hours. After her nap, daddy took her shopping, just the two of them while I made her two birthday cakes (one for her and one for everyone else). When they got back, we watched part of a movie and played with balloons while waiting to open presents, eat McDonald's for dinner (she requested "burber and fies") and of course... cake! Sorry the pics are out of order- I still haven't mastered that art!

Since pretty much all of my family is sick with the flu or a croupy cough, it was just us and Ken's parents! And enjoy the pics!

Sky post-cake... Much cleaner than last year!
Attempting to use a fork
And then just digging in!
The big teddy cake for everyone else
And... Skylar's teddy cake! It took me FOREVER!
A little balloon action
Playing with one of her presents- an animal puzzle that makes sounds
Skylar and daddy watching tv
See the family resemblance??
More balloon fun!
Where's Skylar?
Oh, there she is!

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