Sunday, January 11, 2009

The last of "The Loveshack"

Last weekend Skylar and I headed to Durham for a bridal shower for the last of my college roommates to get married, Anne. She is going to be a beautiful bride when she marries Alan is a few months!  While in college, I lived in a house aptly nicknamed "The Loveshack" as all 5 of us are now to be hitched!  Skylar was terribly shy at first, hiding behind mommy's legs, but slowly emerged from her shell so that by the end of our time she was fearlessly looking through the kitchen cabinets for fun toys to bang, going through the trashcan, and running behind the chairs to play hide-and-seek. 
The beautiful bride-to-be

Jessie with Skylar- Jessie got married about 8 months ago!
Notice someone peeking out behind the chair? 

Skylar looking in the trash...
Skylar looking through the cabinets- you can see she has already been through the cabinets behind her.

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emie said...

really nice blog ! goes on ;-)
i was watching my cousin's blog
(Anne Schmidlin-Presley) when i saw your blog. I liked the pictures
Best support for the new baby :)