Monday, January 5, 2009


This year we spent Christmas eve with my family. My mom and I spent the morning going to the hospital to welcome the newest little addition to our family, Micael, born on the 23rd; going by the cemetary to visit my dad's graveside, where we were happily surprised to see that his plaque had been delivered and set up in time for Christmas. That evening we went over to my aunt's house to celebrate with my extended family through food and presents. After that, we went back to my mom's house with my brother and his family to open presents between us. After a quick tour on our new roller skates (thanks Mom!) we packed up with Skylar's favorite toy of the night, the chipmunk, and headed off to Oak Ridge, TN to spend the next several days with Ken's extended family; a once-every-two-years special tradition.

In TN, we spent 5 days with Ken's extended family, all 23 of us, at Ken's grandparents house in Oak Ridge. It was a great time, with a great family, whom I am sooo blessed to be able to call my own now. I was really refreshed by the end of the 5 days; and all of Ken's family now knows our dirty secret of having a daughter addicted to soda. Seriously. 

Three of the Nebraska Stirlings playing "Santa" and passing out presents.
Precious child snuggles. Ken thinks he is the man. 
Skylar really liked the air mattresses and refused to get off of it even after it was deflated.
Looking in her stocking for more stuff.
I love all of the shoes grouped in the background. And how nosy Sky is! :)

Skylar LOVED opening presents and tried her best to open them all before it was time. When I wouldn't let her open hers, she tried to steal presents from the other kids... 
The aforementioned Chipmunk.


Zach and Carey said...

excuse me please tell your daughter to stop being so cute and making me sad because i miss her. thats all. thank you.

Imperfect said...

Sky is so precious! We LOVED seeing you all in Oak Ridge. It makes us sad that we don't get to see you more often...but that's life, isn't it? We've been prayin' for y'all as you move and for you as you start your new job!!! Hope everything is going well!