Friday, December 12, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree (Sang with a growl for Nikos)

The other night we attempted to make Christmas cookies with our friends and housemates the Boyles. Really, we needed to do something to make up for the all the slacking we have done this year Christmas related. There is some guilt for Skylar's sake. 

Here is Zack and the gorgeous Ella, just hangin' around. 

Skylar and Ella are in jail.

Sorry, these pics are out of order... 
Sky putting on the icing
Look at how wonderfully Christmas this looks! With our pink, blue and yellow icing and pink and hot orange sprinkles...
Sky is tasting out the dough
Pushing on the cookie cutter :)

Sky-baby wanted to help out too, you can tell just how helpful she is. :)
p.s. before you send us anonymous checks in the mail, our cupboards are not generally that bear, we are in the process of packing and movin. 
My little hoppy toad :)
Ken and I really love each other. You can really see it on Ken's face...
Oh, those Boyles. They think they're so much bettier than us crumpier peeps. (I just had to get that in there somewhere!)
Such beatimus decorations! Just so you know, the tree has snow on it. And no, Carey has never seen snow before; she is from Texas. 
Eggnog! We went all out this time!
Sky-baby had a few too many cookies... Look at that belly!


Zach and Carey said...

i wanted to leave a snarky comment but i couldnt think of anything.

Lianna said...

Oh yea....what a slacker. Teaching full time, finishing your thesis, apply and interviewing for jobs, babysitting for your friend and being mommy to a toddler and wife to a traveling musician. Get it together! love ya!