Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The passing of the defense!

Yay for me! After months of preparation, weeks of constant writing, and days of agony, I have finally passed the oral defense of my master's thesis. I actually wrote a thesis, defended it and it passed. I can't believe it! 

Imagine giving a 20-minute presentation on a thesis that was an archival analysis of your advisor's pet project, a subject in which he is a leading researcher. Then having to field questions related to your thesis and accompanying research for the next forty-five minutes. I'm sure I would have sounded brilliant to someone who was minimally versed in the subject of person-centered planning in functional behavioral assessments; or the difference between a multi-element and reversal design with a partial interval system recording. However, I'm sure I was a blubbering idiot in front of my advisor and second reader. Two people who have each published more research than I am old. 

Imagine me throwing up a little bit in my mouth shortly before speaking. Especially when I realized that, true to myself, I saved the unedited version of my powerpoint to my flashdrive. Oh yeah, that was a great move, B. 

However, it is all over. I now have to do some last edits and figure out how to get it bonded for the college. And of course, catch up on the weeks worth of schoolwork that I have neglected. 



Imperfect said...

Yay! We're so happy to hear that your defense went well. And we're really looking forward to seeing you guys soon!

Zach and Carey said...