Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Long Time Coming

So much for trying to keep this updated monthly!  It has been a while and many crazy things have happened since we last blogged.  To keep things short, I will just give you a list of what we are doing now starting with the most important first!
Is running- she started walking months ago.  
Is talking- she says 5 words and lots of mumble.
Is signing- she has 5 signs- not the same as her words.  Her favorite is dog.
Has 4 teeth.  She got them all at pretty much the same time a few weeks ago.
Still has very little hair- but it is growing!
Is the cutest baby ever!
Still with "The War" and playing music
Is going for substitute teacher training next week to begin substitute teaching- ha!
Halfway through her last semester in grad school- student teaching in a community-based transition classroom.  Lots of fun, drama and time!
Working 6 hours/week doing research for school.
Missing Skylar like crazy!

Ok- now that we are done with the hard stuff- check back again for more fun!

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