Friday, August 14, 2009

A new bed!

The finished product.
Helping daddy put the sheets on.
More helping.
How she sleeps in the big bed... She started out tucked in with her head on the white pillow.

Skylar has learned how to get out of her crib now. She does it very quietly, sneakily and luckily has not hurt herself yet. So, we decided that although it was earlier than we had hoped for, we would go on and turn her crib into a daybed. We have a daybed that will be hers when we move and the baby will inherit her crib; but that daybed is currently in storage. :(

Skyguy (what she calls herself; also catchy to mom) really would prefer to sleep in a big bed instead of her crib/daybed and for two naps and one nighttime, we let her fall asleep in our bed and then transfered her to her bed. Obviously this is not ideal for anyone. Last night we checked on her and she was on the floor beside the bed cuddled up with a toy car (not sure if that was by accident or not).

So, after doing my best mommy-researching, I read how many people advised making the change to big girl bed a special event with your child. Since we can't change her bed now, we decided to take her to the store to pick out some big-girl bedding. So we went to Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond. At Target, Skyguy picked out two bedspreads that she liked and promptly said no to every other one. She then went back and said that she did not like the first two either. So we headed over to B, B & B. Skyguy basically said no to all of the bedding sets there as well; however she really liked the mink fabric they had on one of their beds and laid on it saying, "ahhhh, soft". We then tried to pick out the color: blue, green, or hot pink. We gave her a final choice between blue or green and she chose blue. (yay!) After picking out sheets, we headed back home to put her "new" bed together!

After bath, we got ready and put her new sheets on the bed and she jumped right up in bed! We went through the entire bed-time routine of reading books, singing songs, praying, etc. and then daddy and I walked right out the room and she stayed in bed!!! Hallelujah! I am currently waiting in the rec room for her to walk out the door and come get me, but so far so good! Yay for shopping and new sheets!


SarahRachel said...

She's getting so big!! That's too funny how particular she is about her bedding. Future interior decorator, maybe?

Ryan said...

It's nice!! I love my new bed and bedding set which got from Sears... It is so comfortable!!