Saturday, April 11, 2009

Skylar is 18-months-old!

It's official- Skylar is 18-months-old today!  So now we are going to get serious about getting rid of froggy, potty training, eating vegetables!, and sleeping in a big girl bed!

Below are some pictures from the big Easter dinner we had tonight while Ken's grandparents and brother and his family were in town. We hid some eggs and had a big hunt in the backyard and then had a nice dinner. We found some of the prettiest flowers in the yard to decorate the table with. 

On another note, in order to celebrate Skylar's 18 months of life, we (Ken's mother, grandmother and I) spent many hours last night and more today working on a special cake for her. After one failed attempt and one misplaced cake, we finally created a wonderful lamby for her to sink her chompers into!

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Melissa said...

That is the cutest little lamb cake! You ladies did such a great job!!

Melissa :D